We are a small Canadian family that woke up one day and chose to startup an online store - this is our story

Yes, just like that, out of nowhere, we chose to open up an online store. We carefully select a wide range of clothing cuts, designs, and accessories to ensure YOU are the girl that gets noticed – if your into that, if not, we got some of them ‘chill’ designs too. Have Fun Shopping! From The Triple J-A Family. Millie Meno.

Why You Should Shop At MILLIEMENO.COM

You Will Be Supporting A Small Family Business In Canada

When you buy from a small family run business, you are not helping a CEO buy a 10th vacation home (although, it isn’t necessary bad to help a CEO buy his or her 10th vacation home – because he or she may have worked really really hard). Instead, you are helping a nephew get his piano lessons, a family to pay for a mortgage, or a student pay for post-secondary education. Support Small Businesses!

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We Got Some Unique Stuff and Its Sourced Ethically

Our buying team do our best to source out socially responsible labels and goods. And we are confident you ain’t gonna get these styles from those big chain stores – you might, we not going to guarantee it because that what ‘Fashion Trends’ mean – but we do our best to source the independents! We have fun funky accessories, great sales and do free giveaways! Be a part of the indie community!

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Meet The Family Behind The Store

The Mom

Store Buyer and Pretty Face

My goals allow me to travel a lot and I have seen many countries. The west coast of Canada is still my favourite place.

The Dad

Distribution & Logistics

I enjoy watching hockey. I am beginning to get a hold of this online tv phenomenon.

The Sister

Store Buyer and Pretty Face 2

I travel around the globe and hit up LA a lot. My favourite thing is a persian rug.

The Brother

Technical & That Other Stuff

I like to play ball hockey. I also like to drink green tea. One other important thing: I have ripped washboard abs.